What is the Greatest Thing?

Henry Drummond [1851-1897]
I was browsing through a thrift store several years ago and happened across a small, old hardbound book with the title “The Greatest Thing in the World”.  After thumbing through a few pages, I thought it was an intriguing title and decided to spring for the $1 dollar investment the store was asking for used hardbound books. I brought it home and laid on my coffee table where admittedly, it sat for several months before I made the commitment to crack the cover and start reading it.  It was a thin book and not being interested in much reading at the time, I assured myself that I was not making a major commitment and therefore, could likely manage to make it through the book without wandering off to some other interest.

What I found in those pages was pure gold.  We’ve all heard sermons on 1 Corinthians 13; “Faith, Hope and Love; but the greatest of these is Love”.  Well, those pages came alive with the essential gospel message that speaks life to lost sinners and weary Christians alike.  Henry Drummond’s exegesis is unparalleled and focuses the mind and heart on what is most important in this life.

I read that book through completely and it was over too soon so, I read it again.  It was a small personal commitment to finish the book but little did I know, I never had a prayer of putting that little book down before I had read it all.  Since then, I have given out dozens of copies and I continue to share more including this page which includes links to FREE PDF and FREE AUDIO copies which you can read or listen to at your leisure.

What is the highest principle in the christian life?
What is the greatest virtue?
What is the greatest thing in the world?

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The Greatest Thing in the World is a modern classic by Henry Drummond, who was a Christian evangelist from Scotland that lived during the nineteenth century. Written in 1874, this work expounds on the ‘love chapter’ written by the Apostle Paul in his famous letter to the Corinthians.   This work by Drummond is a ‘rare jewel’ from a well known passage of scripture.

“You cannot give anything more important than the Love reflected in your own life. That is the one true universal language, which allows us to speak Chinese or the dialects of India. For if, one day, you go to those places, the silent eloquence of Love will mean that you will be understood by everyone.”   

                                                                                ~Henry Drummond



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