How a Godly Father Leads

Matthew Henry [1616-1714]
A writer for the website The Westminster Standard, John Palmer wrote an excellent piece  entitled “How to be a Godly Father” based upon Matthew Henry’s famous sermon “A Church in the House” preached in London on April 16, 1704.  As a Godly parent, we must remember that our community worship begins in the home.  Our children may be in church on Sunday but, they are generally around the home for the other 6 days of the  week.  Since, our faith is more than weekly exercise on Sunday, so should our spiritual leadership be in the home with our children.  If we do not teach our children the essentials of the faith and spiritual discernment, someone else will.

John Palmer’s article is well worth the read.  If you’re looking for ways to pour out your fatherly love on your family, take a few minutes to read “How to be a Godly Father“.

Google Books has a voluminous assortment of books that are available for free download, including the complete collection of Matthew Henry’s Treatises, Sermons and Tracts.  You can read or download a free copy here.



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