The Calendar

Time…  is something we consume and sometimes give but there never seems to be enough. We have calendar’s that are full which makes us so proud. To us it means our lives are ordered and structured; we feel productive or important.

Sometimes people ask us for this precious thing called time.  So, we look at our calendar and realize we just don’t have any to spare. We comfort our conscious; “surely they’ll get time from someone, I just don’t have any to spare”.

We spend our days with calendars full, till evening comes.  We’ve satisfied the calendar for that day and we have a moment to reflect on our accomplishments, occasionally remembering those we forgot. We tell ourselves; “I’d surely help them if they ever would ask”.  I can offer a shekel, or kind word, but I don’t really have any time to spare.

Days become months and months become years, suddenly they are no longer here.  How shocking; they are gone so soon! I surely hope they had a good life with a calendar full too. Since, that is what drives me and makes me feel whole. Banish the thought of no more time till that day for me to take my rest. For now, I’ll keep my calendar full.

Now I lay in humbled repose, ready to cross that great divide.  But wait!  …my calendar has no time for me, although it’s still full of things to do. What has become of my calendar and me, we were inseparable it seemed till now…  Wait! Surely..!  my calendar must have more time for me….

If I only had more time…

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